Manifesto is a Latin word that was formed by combining the words manus (hand) and festo (to press). Dictionary definition: a public declaration or proclamation of intent or objectives, as issued by a movement, political party, government or individual. A manifesto is a declaration which signifies unity around a cause. It can also sometimes be a statement of revolt. What do we do? We combine this way of thinking with your business. We introduce your products and services to the public sphere and promote the values and ideas that you want to be advertised. We are free from prejudice. The manifesto of Manifesto states that ‘everything is possible.’ Everything shall be delivered on time. We generate solutions, not problems. We love our job and don’t like unnecessary tension.  We treasure human relations. We don’t discriminate. We want be recognized for our unique values. And above all, we strive for success – together!


Manifesto offers 360 degree communications consultancy. Services include public relations (PR), event planning, organization, and creative advertising. Manifesto is the first Turkish communications group to incorporate outside Turkey, and carry its brand overseas.

With representative offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Cairo, Erbil, Moscow and Monte Carlo, Manifesto is also the only Turkish communications company to be a member of Worldcom, the world’s leading partnership of global public relations firms.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Manifesto provides services in the telecommunications, retail, finance, healthcare, energy, automotive, construction and tourism industries. It has successfully delivered many domestic and international projects, utilizing its powerful global reach.

Manifesto Communications Group has strong ties with national, local and industry media representatives, and assists both national and international clients in media relations.
The new generation of media agencies can only create a difference in the industry if they can adapt to technological advances. Manifesto therefore also offers its high profile clients social media management services.

Manifesto Communications Group hosts meetings for the chairpersons of the corporations and brands that the group provides services in Istanbul. This goes by the name the “Club of the Bosses.” The objective of these monthly meetings is to build synergy between Manifesto’s clients and to present business development opportunities for investors.


Manifesto PR provides communications consultancy services to brands and corporations.

Manifesto PR is headquarted in Etiler, Istanbul. Its expert and experienced staff craft activities in brand communications to media relations, from crisis management to financial communications, from healthcare communications to political communications, and from marketing publication relations to social responsibility campaigns.


Manifesto Event offers event management and organization services to corporations and brands. Its large team undertake a wide range of event services for brands including press conferences, gala dinners, conference organization and road shows.

Manifesto’s event planning and creative departments join their competencies to produce creative concepts and unique events.


Manifesto Creative provides visual communications services to brands and corporations.

Manifesto Creative’s creative team equips brands and corporations with creative ideas much needed for building brand and corporate identities, designing advertising campaigns, preparing presentations and periodical publications.